Sacred Heart PTA Committee

Sacred Heart Catholic College PTA is a registered charity and a vital part of the school community. The PTA organises events to help raise funds for the benefit of the whole school and works in close liaison with the school to provide new facilities, improve existing facilities and offering support with whole school events.

In the past two years the PTA has provided funds to enable the full refurbishment of the school Prep Hall. This was a much needed improvement to provide an additional hall facility for music and drama activities but also a much cleaner and brighter working environment for students taking exams! In addition the curtains at Lower site have been replaced and again made a drastic improvement to the overall appearance of the main hall. Funds have also been made available to help with entertaining overseas visitors, providing help with refreshments for the Kaleidoscope group and new tents for the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. The PTA also offers support at Parent Consultation Evenings, providing a much needed cup of tea or coffee! The committee also takes an active role in other school events including Presentation events and the Annual Open evening.

In order for the PTA to thrive and continue to work alongside school in providing additional support, it is vital that we continue to grow and would welcome new members from the school community. This will ensure we can continue as a Charity Committee to ensure the future of our students with a rich and improving environment. If you are interested in becoming involved then please contact any of the committee members to find out more or just turn up to the next monthly meeting – see Events Calendar for all dates.

All are very welcome.

PTA Committee Members

SecretaryMs J Antrobus


PTA 200 Club 

What is the 200 Club?

The 200 club is run as part of the Sacred Heart Catholic College PTA charity and operates on a monthly basis.

Each member pays £12.00 per annum, and is allocated a number to take part in a monthly draw and cash prizes are paid out.

Payment can be made by standing order, or cheque. The funds raised are used to enhance facilities at school to benefit the whole school community. Winners will be notified each month and updated to the website.

Monthly Prizes: 2 x £10.00 prizes.

The value of the prizes will increase as the membership increases.

Anyone who is connected with the school community is able to join and should complete a standing order with the details provided below. Payment by cheque, made payable to Sacred Heart 200 club in an envelope please FOA the PTA Treasurer with details enclosed – name, address and contact telephone number or mobile please. Or more conveniently you can now pay via ParentPay, it will appear in payment items alongside topping up your child’s dinner money.

Standing Order

200 Club Members

Anthony Boyle1
Janice Moss2
I and J Walker3
K Wright4
Ca and SJ McBride5
J and F Kinsella6
C Lanaghan7
Mr Hale8
Mrs H J McEvoy9
Mrs Fraser10
Mr Fraser11
AP and PK MimNagh12
Anthony Boyle13
Sheila Prest14
Margaret Dunne15
L Frediani-Bellis16
JD and W Hughes17
Gerard Preston18
D and W Wallace19
Margaret Roche20
FA Edwards21
FP Edwards22
GJ Green23
R Martin24
PA and P Kent25
Mr A Simpkins26
Mr Simion Bird27
Karen Hemming28
Mrs Joanne Delooze29
Mr R Stephen30
Olivia Hamilton31
Maisie Bird32
Leah Furlong33
Eve Forrest34
Juliette Moody35
Eve Lawrence36
Evie Ryan37
Layyah Lane Debar38
Elizabeth Metcalf39
Ava Dowd40
Lizzy Beasley41
Megan Garcia42
Luke Milligan43
Chloe Coates-Whay44
Lucy Fairclough45
Victoria Pierzyna46
Emily Garcia47
Lewis Bowden48
Aimee Brennan49
Joseph May50
Callum Jones51
Joseph Turnbull52
Iris Gouldson53
Max Dennett54
Daniel Hunt55
Ms Fraser56
Mrs Doherty57
Alice Pritchard58
Daniel McNally59
Jessica Roberts60
Sean Winston61
Rachel Capener62