Curriculum - Asdan


For pupils who are underachieving academically but have the ability and willingness to do considerable work in subjects that they find interesting.

What Course do we follow?

CoPE – Level 2
Certificate of Personal Effectiveness : equivalent of a grade B GCSE

What will I Learn?


To demonstrate how the pupil has developed skills beyond just the academic.
To improve the pupil’s self-worth by successfully completing a variety of tasks.
To attain the equivalent of a grade B GCSE.


To develop good research and questioning skills mainly, on the internet.
To develop good social and presentation skills.
To become positively self questioning.


All the work for the course is portfolio. There are 12 credits to be attained, each the equivalent of 10 hours of work.

Six of these credits can be level 1 or 2. There must be evidence of these credits in the portfolio but the teacher is the sole auditor and assessor for these units.

Work experience can count as 2 credits.

The other six credits must be level 2 and will address the six assessed skills – see the pupil and teacher handbooks. These will be assessed, internally moderated and externally moderated – see below.

The chosen units to attain the credits, particularly the skills, must be relevant to the pupil. This must be chosen in consultation with the pupil and not be just dictated to the class. Some pupils can do the same unit though if it is relevant to them and in fact, some skills require the credit to be attained as a group. It is ECCENTIAL that there is copious evidence of the pupil’s individual work related directly to the assessment criteria.

How will I be Assessed?


It is the responsibility of the teacher and the internal moderator to assess the pupil’s portfolio and decide if the pupil passes or not. One month before the external moderation the pupils who have passed must be registered. A sample of the portfolios will be picked for an external moderation meeting where the six skills will be rigorously assessed. It is ECCENTIAL that there is copious evidence of the pupil’s individual work related directly to the assessment criteria.

What Resources are used?

The main tool is the internet although the pupil’s personal skills and interests are of major importance for a successful candidate.
A lot of the activities include out of school ‘work’ eg. A night camping at Tawd Vale, collecting for charity by making and selling cakes, joining a club and developing a skill.

How will this Subject help me in the Future?

The main 6 skills are:

Working with Others
Improving Own Learning and Performance
Problem Solving
Planning and Carrying out a Piece of Research
Communicating through Discussion
Planning and Giving an Oral Presentation

These are very transferable skills for most subjects eg problem solving in science and improving their learning in punctuation and grammar.
Also they give the pupil a considerable amount of evidence to put onto a C V.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

During the course, students will be expected to take part in a considerable number of non-academic activities eg Visiting and entertaining children’s or old people’s homes and cooking meals for family members.