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Art Curriculum




What course do we follow?

AQA Fine Art

What will I learn?

The Fine Art course allows pupils to explore a range of media to convey experiences and ideas and to respond to given themes. A portfolio will include practical and contextual elements and will be developed mainly through painting and drawing. This is a vibrant and challenging course, which provides opportunity for pupils to explore a range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities. Pupils will learn how to convey their ideas through visual language.

The AQA specification is designed to allow pupils to develop knowledge and understanding during the course through a variety of learning experiences and approaches. Pupils will develop the skills to explore, create and communicate their own ideas. Pupils will demonstrate these skills through the development, refinement, recording, realisation and presentation of their ideas through a portfolio and by responding to an externally set assignment

Component 1: Portfolio – Consists of a series of mini projects which focus on developing pupils’ understanding of the assessment criteria. The second will be negotiated with pupil and teacher depending on their strengths and interests.

Component 2: Externally Set Assignment – This is issued to pupils in January of Year 11. They have approximately five weeks to prepare a personal response to one of the starting points posed by AQA. They will use the skills developed in component 1.

How will I be assessed?

All assessment is carried out with reference to the four Assessment Objectives set out by AQA. Formal assessments of both components is held in April/May of Year 11. Moderation by an external examiner follows in June with results issued in August along with other results.

What resources are used?

Pupils are encouraged to use a range of traditional and non-traditional painting and drawing media. They also have access to a suite of Apple Macs and a library of professional standard software, and a kiln for anyone who would like to explore the media of clay.

How will this subject help me in the future?

Pupils frequently go on to study AS and A level Fine Art.

Beyond this, there is a wealth of career opportunities including: Architecture, Graphic Design, Costume and Set Design, Film and Television, Photography, Curating, Fashion Design, Illustration, to name but a few.


GCE A Level

A Level Art and Design provides opportunities for creative young people to express their ideas in an environment which supports, encourages and stimulates.  Candidates will look at the work of established artists and be inspired to demonstrate their own individual creativity.

What Will I Learn?

AQA Fine Art (6200)
The AS  comprises one coursework assignment and one controlled test.
The A2 comprises the above AS Examination with one further coursework unit and a controlled test.

Entrance Requirements – What Are The Entry Requirements?

You need to show ability in art. You should have achieved a GCSE grade C or above in Art and Design or a design subject.

How Will I Be Assessed?

The A2 coursework assignment will include written work based on gallery visits and research.  Assessment is at the end of each course.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

During the course, students will be expected to visit art galleries or sites of artistic interest.

Future Opportunities

Most students will want to pursue a degree course in Art.  The type of courses varies from Fine Art to Graphic Design and many combined Art courses including Fashion Design, Interior Design and Architecture. An Art Foundation course is often a requirement prior to taking a degree.

Careers in Art range from the specialist artist to commercial artists involved in advertising and the media.