Curriculum - Psychology

AS Level

The main purpose is to prepare learners to progress to a qualification in the same subject but at a higher level of or requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding.

Further purposes are to:

  • Prepare learners to progress to a qualification in another subject area
  • Prepare learners for employment
  • Provide personal growth and engagement in learning.

Research Methods – 01

Candidates become familiar with four techniques for collecting and analysing data: Self Report, Observation, Experiment and Correlation.

Psychological themes through Core Studies – 02

A Level

Builds on the AS and focuses mainly on ways that Psychology is applied.

Candidates have 3 areas to study:

  • Research methods (Component 01) – Learners will need to be familiar with planning and conducting research, data recording, analysis and presentation, report writing, science in psychology. and they will be expected to carry out their own small scale practical activities and reflect on their experiences.
  • Psychological themes through core studies (Component 02) – Learners will need to be familiar with the ten key themes and the classic and contemporary core study located within each, methodological issues relating to the core studies and debates in psychology.
  • Applied psychology (Component 03) – Learners will need to be familiar with one compulsory section, Issues in Mental Health, which provides an introduction to the topic.

Other topics are criminal psychology, sports and exercise psychology.

Entry requirements

A good general level of performance at GCSE level. GCSE Grade B or above in Psychology or Science, Mathematics and English is preferred.

Psychology involves trips to forensic conferences and lots of practical and group activities. The course is suitable for those who wish to study an academic path in Psychology at degree level.

Careers include Child Psychology, Criminal Psychology (police), Social Work, media, teaching, advertising, recruitment and management, particularly personnel departments.

CURRICULUM MAP Psychology     
Y12Research Methods G541 experiments, observation, self report and correlationSocial Psychology and indivual differences Milgram, piliavan, Reicher and Haslam, Rosenhan, Griffths, Thigpen and ClecklyDevelopmental psychology and Physiologiocal Freud, Samuel and bryant, Bandura, Sperryu, Maguire, Dement and Klietman Cognitive Psychology Loftus, Savage- Rumbaugh, Baron- Cohen RevisionResearch project and Introduction to A2 debates and perspectives.
Y13Research methodsForensic Psychology Turning to crime Making a caseForensic Psychology Reaching a verdict After a gulity verdictSport Psychology Exercise psychology Social psychology of SportSport Psychology and Revision Sport and the Individual Sport performanceExaminations